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9 Golden Rules to Effective essay writing service

Advice On A Successful College Degree Investigating Programs For essay writing service […]

9 Golden Rules to Effective essay writing service

Advice On A Successful College Degree Investigating Programs For essay writing service […]

9 Golden Rules to Effective essay writing service

Advice On A Successful College Degree Investigating Programs For essay writing service […]

9 Golden Rules to Effective essay writing service

Advice On A Successful College Degree Investigating Programs For essay writing service […]

9 Golden Rules to Effective essay writing service

Advice On A Successful College Degree Investigating Programs For essay writing service […]

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Sweet Success

A new health drink, launched

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Nestlé Coffee-mate

Milky creamer

Introducing the indulgent taste of Coffee-mate’s imported milky goodness



Bring out the beauty

Giving men and women the chance to become the next Thai superstars !


Foremost Omega

Refreshing a tasty treat

A new look for a kids’ favourite nutritious treat


Brand New Day helps better the lives of Vietnam’s street kids

Brand New Day Asia sponsors KOTO!


Elyse & i

Accessible luxury

Crafted with the meticulous eye of an artisan


Nestlé Pure Life Kids

Creative hydration

A fun and creative redesign that lets kids put their name on the bottle!


Nesvita Actifibras

Happy and healthy

Nesvita returns with a tastier, healthier choice for a perfectly balanced lifestyle.


Sense Tea Studio

Sensorial harmony

Creative branding for a sense enlightening tea experience


Milo Activ Go

Alive and kicking

Milo kicks into action with its new Activ-Go Milo Powder and Milo 3 in 1


Maggi Oyster Sauce

Seriously saucy

Maggi gets seriously saucy with its new Oyster Sauce recipe


TMB Bank

Building strength

Representing TMB’s ethos of ‘Make THE Difference’, and showcasing the Bank’s financial progress in its annual report


Carnation Milk

Growing the future

Carnation is all about healthy growth for kids with their onwards & upwards redesign!


Nescafé Pro Fit

Energize and awaken

Nescafe Pro Fit returns with an energetic boost to your day



Re-inventing Italian

Italian provenance together with a touch of artisanal flair creates emotional brand appeal at a neighbourhood restaurant

The essentials of smart storytelling

Three key factors to consider when crafting your brand story.


Developing engaging apps

A guest blog looking at mobile usage in Asia and sharing 6 top tips on developing an engaging mobile app.


Maggi Juicy Specialz

Quality cuisine at home

Leveraging new-to-market products with a time-tested and trusted brand.


Carnation Im-Dee

Nutritiously fulfilling

Carnation re-introduces its popular Imm-Dee cereal that’s bigger, better and healthier.


Maggi Real Coconut

Mind to mouth appeal

Triggering taste cravings through mouthwatering visuals and positive messaging.


Shirley Taylor / STTS

Skillful communication

Creating affiliated, yet differentiated, identities for two sibling brands.


Proflex Diva

Create feminine appeal

Proflex launches a ladies’ version of whey protein, creating feminine appeal to muscle-building.

Making business cards memorable

How creative thinking can make something that’s often an afterthought have a big impact on first impressions.


Upcycling in brand design?

Some thoughts on Petit H by Hermès, upcycling and possible applications in brand design.


True Money Wallet

Making e-money matter

TrueMoney Wallet launches with a clever identity playing on money matters.


Nescafé Red Cup

Coffee comes to life

Red Cup gets a facelift to stay in the running.


Amadeus Get Onboard

Influencing audiences

A communications campaign for the target to ‘get onboard’


Milo RTD

Boosting the brand

Milo creates a literal splash with a new product innovation and updated brand packaging.

Quirky craftsmenship that inspires…

Some quirky pencil cases created with love.


My Friend in Bangkok

A friend’s perspective

Launching a friendly medical concierge service to help friends in need.

Traditional craftsmanship that stands the test of time

Some thoughts on typefaces in traditional signage and how they apply today.


Everly Group

Malaysian hospitality

Renovating a brand – from architecture to implementation.

Panini stickers reimagined…

Musings on the World Cup, digital media and classic Panini stickers…

Milo Front 01_Ret2-Wall-2

Milo 3-in-1

Malted goodness

Milo attempts to increase the love for its brand with refreshed packaging


TMB Bank

Blueprint for change

TMB’s progressive positioning takes shape in an annual report.


Nestlé Nesvita Soy

Start the day right

Nesvita introduces a soy-based variant to cater to a more health-conscious market.


Nestlé Thailand 120

An iconic celebration

Making the appropriate noise with 120 years of heritage.


Nestlé Coffee-mate

Coffee’s new mate

Coffee-mate comes of age with a rebrand and additional variants.


Johnnie Walker

A memorable allusion

An example of cleverly extending on current equity to make an even stronger impression.


Nescafé ProSlim

Shaping a coffee brand

ProSlim retains its leadership positioning with refreshed packaging design.

New faces on Facebook

Meet us face to face on Facebook!

Mega goes larger than life

Check out Mega’s larger-than-life history – literally!


Maggi Healthy Soups

Showing by example

Seductive soups that speak to consumers with stand out packaging.

Asia’s top marketing magazine features Brand New Day

Making headlines with a mega brand refresh!


Bigger and better with a brand new member

Khun Nattha joins us.

Brand New Day creates Nestlé Thailand’s 120th Anniversary logo

Happy 120th anniversary to Nestlé Thailand!


Maggi Souper Roni

Souping up for kids

Maggi overcomes the challenge of making boring veggie soup fun with a clever product addition.



A refreshing change

Freshening up a washed out identity.



Simply delicious

Brand New Day brought a renowned and well-loved brand into the modern ages.


Mitr Phol

A sweet renewal

Brand New Day created an appealing visual identity system that allowed the brand to communicate its strong personality.


Mega Lifesciences

A mega refresh

Brand New Day refreshed the corporate identity and created a visual system for Mega.



Crafting homes

We created a new name and an identity that reflected it’s uniquely designed, individually crafted, high quality artisan furniture.



Water for the world

Avitez needed to create a splash with its launch. We created an identity and a message that truly stood out for Avitez.


Preeti joins as brand strategy consultant

Preeti joins the BND leadership team.



International evolution

Boardroom had aspirations to go regional, and needed an international identity to match. Brand New Day answered the call.


Benmore Whisky

Creating parallels

Brand New Day produced a visual element that added another dimension to its Benmore identity.


Hosted on the Patio

Hosting success

Brand New Day directed the design of Hosted’s flagship space & identity and helped create a core concept across multiple venues.



Creating bonds

By focusing on a love of the land and collective bonding, both important concepts in Laos culture, we developed a brand positioning and identity based around the Mekong and its importance to the local people.



A Promise delivered

We created the range ‘Promise’, embracing the elements of nature, but using ‘Earth Substance’ as the strategy to drive the pack design.



Festival survival pack

Brand New Day made a splash with a festival pack that was a bottle holder but also a dry bag for the wettest event of the year.


Stellar Artists

A model for success

Brand New Day evolved the original identity into one that reflected Stellar Artists’ positioning as Thailand’s leading artist management agency.


Thai Airways

Guiding the senses

Brand guidelines that utilised symbols of the brand itself – a Thai Airways flight ticket and wallet, holding a condensed and easy to digest format of the guidelines, for use in general communications.



Framing a big idea

Brand New Day unearthed a big idea around a key research insight -lifestyle appeal- and took it to new heights in design.



Energising America

Brand New Day re-energised the US energy drinks market by giving M150 a new brand identity in time for its launch in the US.


Care Angel Soft

Fresh faced angels

A clever literal representation of the name strengthened the brand’s identity and connected it with its teenage consumer.


Tesco Lotus

Re-igniting a retail giant

Brand New Day created a new brand identity for Tesco Lotus, successfully positioning them as the biggest retailer in Thailand today.



Redefining precision

We created an identity that echoed what was at the core of Applax’s new Brand Story™… solid precision.



Ice cool branding

Brand New Day created a new brand identity to gain market share from an audience that had previously not bought into the brand.


Cussons Baby

Nurturing Asia's young

A refreshed brand identity helped the Cussons Baby brand reassert its positioning as the leader of the baby care category.



A breath of fresh air

By producing a new brand identity, Brand New Day created a standout presence for Clorets, on the shelf, and in consumers’ minds.