Making business cards memorable

First impressions are important in every which way. After all, we judge and categorize people based on what we first see – it’s a natural instinct and one that enables us to operate efficiently in life, especially in the business world. I find that business cards are an important element that contributes to first impressions, and can make or break a person or an organization and the potential business they receive.

Because I work in the design business, things like business cards and the creativity behind them interest me. Here, I’ve chosen an example of a business card that I think is very cleverly done – trust our quirky Japanese friends to come up with this one! In this case developed by Kazuaki Kawahara at Latona Marketing Inc.


This business card not only communicates information in an efficient manner, but it has an added element of interest. It folds to create a shape that is unlike typical business cards. The shape is that of a bouquet of flowers, so as to communicate respect and warm feelings, likened to receiving a bouquet of flowers from someone. I feel that one of the main aims of this business card is to give a smile to those who receive it. I feel this card also communicates creativity and thinking, qualities that are usually expected of a marketing firm like the organization that owns these cards.


I also like the simplicity and ingenuity of the pattern. You do not need to die cut the business cards- they have just used a typical plain rectangle that can morph due to its flexibility. I love the added quirk of having the bouquet look like the flower corsages that stick out of men’s tuxedos at formal events. It’s all so clever on so many levels – simple but smooth!