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Panini stickers reimagined…


Time to trade – Cult classics in a digital landscape?

The World Cup is an exciting time for myself and many others around the world. As well as the tournament itself, there’s a host of memories attached: Maradona’s ‘hand of god’, Dennis Bergkamp’s ‘perfect goal’ or Zinedine Zidane’s moment of madness.

Along with the on-field moments, the FIFA World Cup is in many ways a marketer’s dream, an opportunity to build their brands and truly engage with audiences, contributing to and benefiting from the buzz around the tournament. As such, Panini in conjunction with FIFA and Coca Cola have taken the much loved concept of Panini sticker albums from an earlier era online to keep it relevant to a new generation… as well as giving some of us adults a chance to furtively relive our youth.

It also seems there are prizes involved – more lucrative than swapping with your friends in the playground while hunting for that elusive Mexican left back or that shiny team badge… driven by the need for interactivity and engagement; swap areas, collectors groups and online halls of fame are now the mechanisms to try and replace that experience.


As more marketing propositions react to new channels and our preferences shift to online platforms, we’re seeing huge increases in spend on online media and the incredible reach that can deliver. A prime example is NIKE’s current World Cup advertisement that was seen by an online audience of 78 million people over the space of 4 days across YouTube and Facebook, helped by the draw of its galactico star Cristiano Ronaldo and his 26 million Twitter followers… that’s before it was aired on TV. Whereas television in the past would have been the medium of choice, that gap is closing rapidly and online spend is expected to eclipse that of television by the time we reach the 2018 tournament in Russia.

Now of course not all businesses have the budgets or the superstar sponsorships to achieve these sorts of numbers, which is where the building of solid brand equity comes into play. Panini have played it smart by leveraging the equity they have built up over the years to secure big name strategic partnerships and by proxy gain access to a global audience hungry for content. They lend their retro cool, the global giants give the access… everyone’s a winner?