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Maggi Healthy Soups

Showing by example


Nestle is one of the world’s biggest producers of food products, and positions itself as a nutrition, health and wellness company, creating food and beverages for all occasions, from morning to night. Maggi Healthy Soups is one such product catering to the Indian population, a trusted brand with a proud heritage in the subcontinent.


The Nestle team wanted to refresh its packaging for Maggi Healthy Soups and simplify its key messages by doing more ‘show than tell’. They wanted the freshness of the ingredients to really come through on the packaging, and highlight the fact that the constituents used were nutritious and 100% natural.


Brand New Day worked on the logo for ‘Healthy Soups’ to give it more prominence on pack and across the range. Images of ingredients with real, fresh vegetables surrounding bowls of ingredient-filled soup exemplified the nutrition factor and was reinforced with the ‘Good taste & Good Health’. The equity found in Maggi’s brand colours was also heavily used to create a positive correlation between the brand and the product.