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Maggi Juicy Specialz

Quality cuisine at home


Nestlé is one of the world’s biggest producers of food products, and positions itself as a nutrition, health and wellness company, creating food and beverages for all occasions, from morning to night. Nestlé Juicy Specialz is Nestlé India’s foray into the ready-to-serve segment with the introduction of Kadhai Paneer (Gravy mix in a microwavable bag).


The Nestlé team wanted to increase awareness of its easy-to-prepare and delicious Juicy Specialz range amongst the busier and more affluent Indian consumers. Information needed to be communicated in a simple yet eye-catching manner, to go with mouth-watering images that made the dishes look like they were of restaurant quality. Maggi’s branding needed to come through, while helping to amplify the products on offer and entice consumers to choose Maggi over competing brands.


Brand New Day designed the ‘Let’s Create’ sub-brand and optimized Maggi’s red and yellow signature colours to create a strong correlation to the master brand. Brand New Day incorporated a microwavable bag as the background for the new Juicy Specialz product brand, to communicate ease of preparation and re-enforce the idea of microwaveable cooking.

Simplified directions for preparation and the benefits were illustrated on the front of the pack, together with images of the dishes looking succulent and steaming hot, as if they had just been freshly prepared at home.