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Creating bonds


As one of the region’s leading producers of international beer brands including Heineken and Tiger, Laos Asia Pacific Breweries wanted to challenge the category by developing an economically-priced beer called Mae Namkhong.


As one of the last markets in Indochina to open up to the world, Laos has remained largely conservative. The Laotians, known for their easygoing nature, consist of a population whose national pride is the backbone of their lives. With Beer Lao monopolising the high-end sector of local beer market, an opportunity for another, more ‘localised’ beer presented itself. It was time for a new kind of beer to be introduced to cater to the population.


Mae Namkhong is the original Laotian name for the Mekong River. The river ‘provides life to all who share in it, it is the water that binds’. This foundation became the inspiration upon which we developed a brand identity based around the Mekong and its importance to the Laos culture and people. By focusing on the bonding and ‘bringing people together’ aspect, we were able to develop a positioning which until that point, no beer in Laos had attempted.