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Nescafé Pro Fit

Energize and awaken


Nescafé is one of the world’s best known and loved instant coffee brands. Its easy to make and tasty coffee make it a go-to for coffee breaks and mid-afternoon energy boosts. With Nescafé Pro Fit, the added nutritional benefits of ginseng, multivitamin B and zinc provide a healthier way to awaken your senses at any time of the day.


Nescafé Pro Fit was looking for a redesign of its popular instant coffee mix. They sought a new design that would capture the attention of male coffee drinkers who were seeking more than just an energizing hot beverage. Nescafé also wanted a design that was in sync with modernity and the activeness of the product message. For this reason, it was important to clearly highlight the nutritional benefits of ginseng (vitality), multivitamin B (focus and concentration) and zinc (a boost to men’s health).


Brand New Day began with the redesign by immediately highlighting the key nutritional benefits with an energized battery icon, symbolizing the recharging effect of the instant coffee, which is also represented by the fully charged symbols on the coffee mug. The ginseng visual clearly represented the added benefits for health, while the vibrant sunrise effect glowing from behind the cup of coffee emphasizes the waking, active effect – perfect as the coffee of choice to start the day.