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Nestlé Thailand 120

An iconic celebration


Nestlé is one of the world’s biggest producers of food products, and positions itself as a nutrition, health and wellness company, creating food and beverages for all occasions, from morning to night. To celebrate 120 years since its inception, Nestle Thailand briefed Brand New Day to create a logo and visual identity system for its 120th anniversary and also integrate this logo with their existing brands.


Nestle needed to find a way to maintain its leadership position by reinforcing its heritage, having been in Thailand for 120 years. The logo had to work in harmony across all the various brands and their designs, regardless of target audiences and product functionality.


Brand New Day developed a modern and contemporary logo design with subtle elements of Thainess for this anniversary celebration, centred around the key message of ‘120 years of good food, good life for Thais’.

It worked across packaging and point of sale design variants, which conveyed bonding between members in Thai families, looking happy and healthy with good food being shared between them. In celebration of this milestone, the design was extrapolated on transport and used at internal events throughout the year.