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Proflex Diva

Create feminine appeal


Proflex is a Thailand-based whey protein targeted primarily at exercise enthusiasts, mostly men, for building muscle. The brand, owned by Power Corporation, decided to extend its product line with a whey protein created especially for women.


Proflex is a leading brand in the whey protein market for men. Its packaging and identity are very masculine, from the container structure, through to the packaging, corporate identity, and even name. The challenge in this instance was to create a brand that used Proflex’s equity but still had a strong appeal to women. Proflex Diva needed to utilize this existing equity whilst contending with the ultra-masculine associations currently identified with Proflex along with perceptions of typical muscle-building protein.


Brand New Day designed a new mold for Proflex Diva’s protein bottle using feminine, finely structured silhouettes that enhanced the shape of the bottle, along with a pleasing, light colour, as opposed to the usual dark, bulky bottles.

Colours used in the identity are fresh and feminine, with combinations such as pink and yellow. The design is predominantly made up of a shapely woman, and complemented with feminine icons to represent other information such as a vanilla flower to symbolize flavour. Benefits and added ingredients specifically targeting women such as co-enzyme q10 have also been prominently displayed, whilst the name ‘Diva’ is also specifically geared at women.

The packaging identity effectively communicated the product benefits and target, and from trials, women immediately knew that this product was for them. As such, they were drawn to pick it up and look at it in more detail.