A Load of Kindness through Six Degrees of Separation

20th May, 2020

Samui Elephant Haven was on the receiving end of some incredible kindness earlier this month. With COVID-19 affecting tourism across the globe and over a thousand elephants facing starvation in Thailand as a result, a small group of elephant lovers made a positive change for the largest ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui.

Friends of Samui Elephant Haven such as Brand New Day’s Managing Director Patrick Ashe contacted Ekaphol Pongstabhon, Managing Director of Tipco Foods PCL, and the plight of elephants on Thailand’s second-largest island was explained. His factory in Prachuap Khiri Khan province immediately spurred into action to collect the waste from the pineapples that are used to make fruit juice. Over 100 tonnes of pineapple tops and trees were promised over three weeks, with more to come in the future.

Local residents came together to welcome the first truckload off the ferry at Samui’s Raja port, with intrigued monks and police standing by to ensure social distancing was practised and obligatory masks were worn. Volunteers from all over the island offered their pick-up trucks and manpower, along with large trucks and teams of workers provided by Samui Pong Petch.

Dr Techarat Kensakhou Hill was an integral part of the team offering communication in Thai and being the lynchpin in facilitation and logistics throughout. Thai media network Channel Three was present to document this heartwarming story.

It is time to change business models for tourism, products, campaigns or policies relevant to multiple areas including society and culture, supply chains and manufacturing, animals and humans. To maximise this opportunity, there is a need to unite as a community and engage with everyone. Samui Elephant Haven strives to bring together an incredibly diverse range of people and create a new normal. Local support from the community and governing organisations is crucial for endeavours such as this, especially in times of crisis, and we are glad and extremely grateful that the local Samui community joined hands in making this a success.

Special thanks also to:


Channel Three

Dr. Techarat Kensakhou Hill

Brand New Day Asia

Samui Pong Petch

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