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Water for the world


A small entrepreneurial business approached Brand New Day with a big idea – to produce mineral water, in plastic bottles that were made 100% from plants and were 100% recyclable and biodegradable. As this was the first-ever venture for this business, the product needed a full brand analysis programme, from a strategy that looked at not just the water product, but the brand as whole, to a new logo, design, and corporate identity.


In a market that was saturated with big and small players, along with established conglomerates that had been in the field for a century, whose brands needed no explanation, Avitez needed to create a splash with its launch. Restricted by a smaller budget but with the freedom of being a pioneer in its category, Brand New Day had to create an identity and a message that truly stood out for Avitez, keeping in mind that this identity was to apply not just to the brand of water, but to the overall brand.

Brand New Day and Avitez also knew that they had to educate the public on the after effects of drinking water sold in plastic bottles, both on consumer health and on the environment without encroaching on competitors’ messages and creating a marketing war.


Brand New Day created a brand strategy that encapsulated all of Avitez’s ethos and vision into one clear, interesting story to relay to the world. Avitez’s logo became a drop of water, created from plant leaves, representing the brand’s mission and benefits in one clever symbol. Brand New Day also changed the tagline, from ‘Water from nature, bottled by nature’ to ‘100% natural, inside and out’ selling the benefits of the water to the consumer and to the environment. Avitez’s new business cards, stationery, on bottle labels and corporate brochure all reflected a unified identity – and the big story that was ready to take the drinking water market in Thailand by storm.

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