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Bhu Bhirom

Northern Thai Dining


Bhu Bhirom is an exceptional Thai restaurant located in the beautiful Singha Park of Chiangrai. Offering more than your usual Thai cuisine, Bhu Bhirom is an immersive experience for diners, overlooking the hills of Chiangrai with locally inspired dishes that enlighten the senses. In a place where service is key and customer experience is of the utmost importance, Brand Family worked in collaboration with Brand New Day Asia to brief us on what was needed to help refine the dining experience.


With all signature Thai restaurants, it’s more than just the cuisine that defines its excellence. Brand New Day Asia refreshed the restaurant’s brand identity and a range of applications including staff uniforms, signage, menus and fabric-based applications. The request being that the designs must reflect an authentic, yet sophisticated, Thai experience, with a touch of northern Thai charm in a refreshed, modern look.


Brand New Day Asia refined and handcrafted the Bhu Bhirom brand logo consisting of a Thai logotype using a font style that is reminiscent of the Thai Lanna art style.

The accompanying visual identity system features a handcrafted fabric texture and set of graphic motifs inspired by the three unique selling points of the restaurant, those being: the stunning landscapes, the rich culture of Lanna and the fresh natural ingredients – all of which bring the designs to life on striking printed textiles, including Tung flags and cushions.

For the managers, Brand New Day Asia designed sophisticated jackets and waistcoats featuring the Thai-inspired graphic motifs seen around Singha Park, reflecting the restaurant’s identity.

The waiters and waitresses uniforms were designed in similar fashion, with white shirts and blue aprons, again making use of the Thai-inspired motifs and to seamlessly match all staff with reoccurring motifs, meaning customers can easily discern staff members.

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