Craze Cafe Packaging Banner


Gourmet coffee


Craze Café entered the Thai market in March 2018 at the Thai Coffee Fest. As coffee becomes ever more popular in Thailand - with consumers becoming more and more interested in the taste, aromas and origins of the coffee beans they enjoy - it provided the perfect opportunity for Craze Café to introduce their brand new Single Origin Coffee range into the market.


For Craze Café to fulfill their goals of becoming a premium coffee brand that speaks directly to consumers who truly care about the coffee they drink, Brand New Day Asia was tasked with creating a Craze Café Brand Strategy and Brand Identity, as well as the packaging design for the entire range of Single Origin Coffees. In such a competitive market, it was crucial for Brand New Day Asia to understand the consumers’ passion, coffee drinking habits and preferences.


In creating the new Craze Café logo, the team at Brand New Day Asia designed a sleek coffee bean emblem, under which the brand name was placed. The crafted, cutting image of the typeface and emblem reflects the modern, high-end quality of the product. For each of the Single Origin Coffee packaging designs, colours taken from the flags of each respective country streak across the front of the package for easy definition of origin. Placed upon a matte-black bag, the splash of colour provides a chic touch of class to the overall minimalistic look.

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