CardsPal Brand Identity


Great Deals Just For You


CardsPal is a dedicated mobile app, providing users with an all-in-one service for finding the best deals for the credit cards they own. From deal comparisons to finding the most rewards and airmiles, the CardsPal app is designed to utilise machine learning for each user's preferences, meaning they are always presented with the deals that fit their lifestyle the most. The app also uses a gamified learning experience, for users to learn more about the ways in which they can maximise the benefits of their credit cards. 


At the core of CardsPal’s mission is to be a trusted financial platform for credit card users. The branding therefore needed to reflect their service as unbiased and neutral, with the users’ best interests at heart, allowing them to thrive financially with the relevant deals that meet their needs and lifestyle. Creating an identity that speaks directly and honestly with its users was of utmost importance, allowing them to feel a sense of trust with CardsPal as their financial advisor. 


Creating a sense of community and openness (and therefore honesty) was a priority; Brand New Day Asia started with a positioning statement that outlines CardsPal as a personalised credit card savings platform that enables its user community to thrive. Building upon this, the brand was developed to give users a personalised experience, that is also a part of a wider community of financial advice, to give them better savings, benefits and thus, better lives. 

This ethos is reflected within the CardsPal logo. The icon represents a speech bubble and smiling avatar, highlighting the idea of community and the support on-hand to help each user, with a credit card behind.

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