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Chia Tai

Growing Better, Together


Established in 1920, Chia Tai was the first local producer of agricultural products, including seeds, fertilizer and chemicals. Much of Chia Tai’s reputation is based on their pioneering spirit, travelling far and wide across Thailand to meet and provide farmers with agricultural products in order to help them thrive.

Chia Tai are also considered pioneers in the field of innovation, being the first local company to create top quality hybrid seeds that produced sustainable results, along with creating products of high enough quality to import and sell overseas.


To propel Chia Tai into its next exciting phase of growth in the domestic market, as well as starting its first-step in overseas expansion, Brand New Day Asia set out to fully understand all aspects of the key challenges facing the organization by mapping out a comprehensive brand strategy to help guide the business going forward.

A key requirement of the design brief was to respect the heritage of the brand and reflect its essence as a trusted friend, providing customers with quality seeds for better results. The aim of which is to deliver an improved identity to bolster Chia Tai’s reputation as a pioneer and innovator to the new wave of agriculturalists and consumers.


Representing Chia Tai’s refreshed approach, Brand New Day Asia re-crafted a Brand Identity that reflects all of the company’s long-standing Thai cultural roots, while adding a modernized touch that emphasizes the brand’s efforts in creating products that help farmers and consumers in ‘growing better, together’. The key visuals highlight Chia Tai’s effort to work hand-in-hand with its many stakeholders to produce high quality agriculture for sustainable growth generation to generation.

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