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Foremost Omega

Refreshing a tasty treat


Foremost milk has long been a favourite for adults and children alike. With their Omega 3.6.9. brand, they’ve successfully captured the trust and loyalty of mothers trying to find a nutritious and health beverages for their children. However the growing competitiveness of this sector has seen Foremost in search of an updated packaging design.


The new packaging design that Foremost were searching for was based around informing mothers about the nutritional values of their milk beverage for children. The design also had to be appealing to children, with clear colour variations to represent the three flavours available: plain, chocolate and sweet.


The most important design aspect for Brand New Day was to create packaging that easily let mothers determine the benefits of the beverage for their children. This was highlighted with graphics mentioning high iron and vitamin D, with a further list of nutritional benefits below. To make the packaging fun and appealing to children as well, Brand New Day illustrated a bright, smiling child ready to explore in front of a delicious swirl of milk that is coloured to correspond with the flavour of the beverage.

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