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Connected Oncology for Asia


Integrated Oncology Centres (IOC) is solely focussed on cancer treatment across numerous locations in Asia, covering a population of more than 500 million. Led by TE Asia Healthcare partners, IOC Asia strives to bring together the very best in medical expertise, technology and patient care in the field of oncology. With each patient being the core focus of their work, the group aims to provide the highest levels of care that not only treat the physical symptoms of cancer, but to also bring hope to those who require their service.


IOC Asia’s vision is to expand its reach by funding, building and acquiring cancer treatment centres across Asia, with each centre being a connected part of the brand. This connection goes beyond just branding however; it is crucially about creating a network of treatment centres that all provide the same mission of putting control back into the hands of doctors and patients, with purpose-driven treatments to provide both medical care and a sense of hope.

Brand New Day Asia was tasked with creating a new master brand concept, under which a refreshed look would support an evolution of the brand, it’s strategy and personality. The deliverables included a revised logo and newly created visual identity system to be used across corporate, online and marketing communications.


With the concept of evolving the brand in mind, Brand New Day Asia began with refreshing the logo to create a simplified icon, reducing the ‘fingers’ on each hand from five to three, and having the hands meet at the top of the circle, rather than overlap without ever intersecting. The text was crafted into a simple and bold “IOC” wordmark, positioned above their tagline ‘Connected Oncology of Asia’. This new iconic logo and icon provided IOC with a much cleaner, simplified and more practical logo.

It was also the first time in which Brand Guidelines were shared via an Online Brand Portal, a cloud-based solution that allowed both Brand New Day Asia and the client to upload and share all approved content with key stakeholders.

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