Lactasoy Soy Milk Packaging Banner


Refreshing a trusted favourite


For over 37 years, Lactasoy has been one of, if not the most, recognisable UHT soy milk brands in Thailand. Now exporting to more than 45 countries worldwide, the brand is well-known far beyond Thai borders and claims a majority share of the Thai soy milk market. Among Thai consumers, Lactasoy remains top-of-mind as one of the most trusted brands, with many of these consumers having strong loyalty to it. In more recent years, Lactasoy has gone on to develop several variants of its brand in order to cater to health-conscious and specific-diet consumers.


With the numerous health benefits of soy milk, as well as the brand variants offering further benefits, the packaging design of Lactasoy cartons had become full of information, overwhelming the consumer and making them hard to differentiate. Moreover, while catering to a large market, the use of three languages on the packaging further added to the crowded nature of each carton. Brand New Day Asia’s challenge, therefore, was to provide a new design that consolidated the messaging, created a clear variant differentiation, but above all, kept loyal to the much-loved Lactasoy brand identity and packaging design system.


Brand New Day Asia set about defining the product variants into much clearer designs, focusing on a hierarchy of communication to include branding, colour, variant differentiation, appetite appeal and product information. Each variant is clearly labeled below the Lactasoy logo with its defining benefit, those being Original, Unsweetened and Hi-Calcium. Primary colours of blue, white and red are further used to define each variant respectively.

In order to create a more reader friendly list of benefits, the text was re-aligned and reduced to the key messages needed. In tackling the various languages, Brand New Day Asia kept as much separation as possible between each, which included placing the Chinese text within a box, colour matched to the variant. The overall effect is a packing design that is instantly recognisable as Lactasoy, but now clearer in its communication about the benefits and variants available to the consumer.

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