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Maggi Easy Cook Sauces

Healthy Thai Authentic Cooking Made Simple


Maggi Thailand approached Brand New Day to design packaging for its range of Easy Cook Sauces under their renowned Maggi brand. The sauces target individuals aged 20-45, including busy mothers and working professionals, seeking authentic home-style flavours, simplicity, and versatility. Maggi Easy Cook Sauces offer a convenient solution for crafting delicious homemade meals in no time.


The challenge was to distinguish the product packaging in a competitive market flooded with rival brands. The packaging needed to effectively convey key attributes such as authentic taste, ingredients, versatility, and simplicity. Unlike certain competitor brands that marketed individual sachets for single meals, Maggi Easy Cook Sauces could be used to prepare a diverse range of dishes. This distinction was prominently communicated on the packaging. Additionally, the client sought to showcase the ingredients for each sauce, aiding consumers in understanding the contents of each sachet.


Brand New Day designed the launch products, Spicy Garlic Stir Fry Sauce & Sam Glur Sauce. They crafted enticing food shots and memorable imagery to enhance taste appeal. To emphasise the products' versatility, they developed a unique graphic that communicates 'more than 20 delicious dishes.' Nestlé also tasked them with adapting the visuals for brand awareness across various media channels. The final design provided a visually appealing and effective means to communicate key features to HoReCa channels and consumers.

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