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Sweet Success


New Zealand’s Manuka Honey is renowned for its unique health benefits. Its naturally occurring antibacterial and antioxidant properties make it one of the most sought after honeys worldwide. Amazingly, the bees that create the honey fly over 5000km to collect nectar from the rare native New Zealand Manuka bush – now Manukee is making ready to drink beverages using this special honey to give consumers the amazing health benefits easy to get on the go.


Manukee’s main challenge was to break free from the hive and establish itself as a credible daily wellness drink. There are many options out there for honey based and or flavoured drinks, but with the added benefits of special grade UMF 10+ Manuka honey, Manukee has its own sweet nectar to entice a new market of consumers seeking ready to drink, on the go, health-boosting beverages.


The first step in creating a brand and product that consumers would understand at a glance was to design a unique bottle and label. This is reflected in the hive-like bottle and the serenity of the Central Volcanic Plateau with cues of honeycomb on the back of the pack. The clear, distinctive and bold name speaks quality and credibility while additional content highlights the health benefits and use of the unique and rare Manuka honey. Throughout New Zealand, the bottle design is catching the eye of consumers seeking a new and easy way to boost their health and is generating much interest in North Asia, the Middle East and USA.

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