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Pioneering the automotive auction industry


Motto Auction is the re-branded entity of the reputed Manheim brand, one of the most well-known and trusted automotive auction service providers in Thailand. Founded 18 years ago, the company combined global knowledge with Thai market expertise to set it on a path of becoming one of the most forward-thinking and innovative businesses in the industry. With a new vision for digital transformation, harnessing big data and amplifying its position as a true product and service leader, a new brand was required.


Brand New Day Asia was challenged to embrace the historical strength in Manheim and create a strategically focused brand that redefined the essence of the company. The first step was to undertake an in-depth immersion and audit phase, helping us to fully understand the brand in terms of its competitors and how it was perceived by its clients, end users and within the company itself. With this in mind, Brand New Day Asia was able to craft a differentiated Brand Strategy and a new Brand Name, before developing a powerful Brand Identity, full Visual Identity System and Guidelines.


With innovation, progressiveness and a service-centered mindset at the forefront of Motto Auction’s values, Brand New Day Asia sought to communicate this via the new Brand Identity. The name Motto Auction itself provides readers with a brand name that is easy to understand and associate with its industry and service, further strengthened by its distinctive logo, evoking wheels and an oblique that leads onwards and upwards. The primary colours of blue and orange strike an impactful and memorable visual, helping to separate the brand from its competitors. It is within these subtle design elements that the brand’s values are communicated effectively, intuitively and memorably.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Guidelines