Nescafe Americano Packaging Banner


Creating the perfect blend


Nescafe is undoubtedly one of the largest coffee brands around the world. Their instant coffee is one of its most popular products to date, particularly so in the Asia Pacific market; of which is has a 35% market share. As consumer behavior evolves and the competition on supermarket shelves increases, Nescafe is always at the forefront to offer new and enhanced products to satisfy the growing demands of coffee drinkers.


One of the key behavioral shifts amongst consumers is the increased demand for low calorie and/or low sugar options for instant coffee. With this in mind, Nescafe has introduced both low calorie and low sugar variants into their Blend and Brew range of instant coffees. They also brought in a new, higher quality recipe that used both Arabica and Robusta beans for the most authentic coffee taste and aroma. Nescafe extended these improvements to a new line of instant iced-coffee: Nescafe Americano.

The challenge for Brand New Day Asia was to design new packaging for the entire Blend and Brew range, which include: Rich Aroma, Espresso Roast, Less Sugar and Americano. While following Nescafe’s brand guidelines, we were tasked to bring a new, exciting look that easily conveyed the added benefits of the improved recipes. The end results should have the Blend and Brew range standing out on an already busy supermarket shelf, capturing the attention of coffee drinkers that seek an authentic café experience.


For the Rich Aroma and Espresso Roast, Brand New Day designed the packaging to clearly highlight the USP of two types of coffee beans being used in the improved recipe. As this greatly improves both taste and aroma, it was essential to communicate this to consumers. In line with this, the rest of the packaging was kept clean and simple, featuring a swirl of coffee into an enticing cup of coffee, as well as strong brand colours to complement each variant.

For the Less Sugar variant, the primary colour of the packaging is unmistakably different. The purple colouring allows this new, reduced sugar variant to really standout from the others, allowing clear communication of its core product benefit.

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