Nestle Ice Cream Orange Packaging Banner

Nestle Ice Cream - Extreme Nama Orange

A multi-sensorial indulgent treat


Nestle’s Extreme range of ice-creams is a modern and premium offering created from the best ingredients to provide consumers with a multi-sensorial taste experience. The range aims to provide teens and adults with a combination of well-rounded smooth ice-creams and inclusions for their next level of pleasure and enjoyment, from the first bite until the very last.


Ice-creams are often an impulse buy at convenience stores. They’re a treat that people opt for in a moment of indulgence. With plans to expand the range and launch an individually wrapped Extreme Nama Orange ice-cream, the challenge for Brand New Day Asia was to dial-up the appetite appeal of Nama’s signature velvety soft dark chocolate coating combined with ice-cream and a juicy orange syrup swirl. As its first 100% recycled packaging, Nestle also requested the creation of an ownable recycled icon that could be introduced at launch and on subsequent packs.


Brand New Day Asia first addressed the architecture of the brand packaging by strengthening the Nestle Extreme brand against a rich dark blue background in a prominent position at the top of the packaging. The design team then composed the signature soft dark chocolate coated ice-cream stick, optimizing it against a background of zesty oranges, with a mouth-watering view of the soft orange ice-cream and rippled syrup. With a complementary hand-drawn product descriptor incorporated mid-pack, the result is highly appealing and appetizing, with a visible message that the bio-degradable paper package is fully recyclable.

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