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Nestle Ice Cream - Extreme Vanilla Strawberry Cone

An irresistible ice cream cone treat


Nestle’s Extreme range of ice-creams is a modern and premium offering created from the best ingredients to provide consumers with a multi-sensorial taste experience. The range aims to provide teens and adults with a combination of well-rounded smooth ice-creams and inclusions for their next level of pleasure and enjoyment, from the first bite until the very last.


Ice-creams are often an impulse buy at convenience stores. They’re a treat that people opt for in a moment of indulgence. As part of an on-going expansion of the Extreme range, Brand New Day Asia were entrusted to design a new vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice cream cone. As well as having to adapt the Extreme branding to the cone format, the challenge was to communicate the flavours in the new product variant and maximise its appetite appeal. Visualising smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, combined with juicy strawberry inclusions and a swirl ribbon stripe, served in a crispy cone with a chocolate nugget at the last bite.

The pack needed to look tempting, with a creative design that would increase the range’s appeal within its core teen and adult target segment.


Working within the new cone wrap pack shape, the Brand New Day Asia design team created a distinctive product visual that focusses on the rippled stripe of the ice-cream cones's sumptuous topping. Strawberries and vanilla cream swirl around the bright blue pack, surrounding the hand-drawn sub-brand descriptor text. The Nestle Extreme branding remains prominent within the top-corner, to remain consistent with all products in the range.

All of these elements combine to create an exciting new design, that fits perfectly within the ever growing range of Extreme Nama ice-creams.

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