Nestle La Frutta Ice Cream Banner

Nestle Ice Cream - La Frutta

A refreshing guilt free treat


Nestle is a top-of-mind brand when it comes to ice-creams, especially in the tropical climate of Thailand where a refreshing treat is always welcome. While ever popular in the freezers of convenience stores around the country, Nestle sought to cater to a growing market of health-conscious consumers. It is with this in mind that Nestle has introduced La Frutta, a low calorie option for guilt-free refreshment.


Ice-creams are often an impulse buy at convenience stores. They’re a treat that people opt for in a moment of indulgence. The challenge for Brand New Day Asia was to convey a clear message that La Frutta offers the same refreshing feel-good factor of other ice-creams available, yet with the added health benefit of being only 80 calories. La Frutta is also made with real fruit puree and promises a delicious fruity flavor that consumers would expect of Nestle. With all this in mind, Brand New Day Asia was tasked with designing the new packaging for La Frutta Mango Peach flavoured ice cream.


With a clear challenge, Brand New Day Asia was able to focus in on the key aspects of the message that needed to be conveyed. To highlight the real fruit ingredients, ripe peaches and mangos surround the La Frutta ice-cream, with the fruit puree oozing out enticingly. Vivid green leaves bring freshness to the packaging that is also used to highlight the 80-calorie benefit and the real fruit puree descriptor. The overall brightness of the peach and mango colours provide the La Frutta packaging with the impact it needs to standout among the freezers of every convenience store.

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