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Nestlé is one of the world’s biggest producers of food products and positions itself as a nutrition, health and wellness company, creating food for all occasions of the day. Nesvita Soy is a popular morning food, a wholegrain cereal with twice the amount of fibre than the original Nesvita.


The Nestlé team wanted to increase sales and gain a bigger share of the market by developing a new premium variant to substitute for Nesvita Soy Protein, which was to be discontinued. To keep up to date with increasingly health conscious consumers, Nestlé had to develop a product that would be seen as healthier and better. It also wanted to expand the target group to include male consumers, and felt that the current packs were too targeted at females.


Brand New Day used real photography of the product’s ingredients to replace graphic illustrations found on prior packaging, to create credibility. The actual imagery also gave the impression of health, freshness, and goodness of soy. The main ingredients, soy and fibre, were clearly highlighted on the packaging, and emphasised in Thai next to the image of the mug containing the drink. The brand colours of green and yellow were designed as a thick tab across the packaging to create a more premium look and generate standout on-shelf.

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