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Nesvita Cereal Drink

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Nesvita has long been a favourite cereal beverage for women in Thailand, with its branding and benefits targeting working women in need of a healthy, delicious and convenient source of nutrition during a busy working lifestyle. Made with real cereal and available in both a milk-based and plant-based variant, Nesvita provides numerous benefits in a market where consumer trends are focusing more on products that offer nutrition and preventative health benefits, while staying low in calories and sugars. In order to expand their market reach and to provide a refreshed, more convenient product, Nesvita has introduced a new Cereal Drink, ready-to-drink, packed with nutrition and available in two flavours.


The previous Nesvita product offerings were all based upon a powdered beverage, presented in a sachet to be mixed into a hot drink. With this came some limitations; it is not as convenient as a ready-to-drink option and it is limited to only a hot beverage.

With the new Nesvita Cereal Drink providing consumers with a solution to these limitations, the challenge now was for Brand New Day Asia to design a new range of concepts for the packaging design as well as a series of key visuals to help guide the mood and tone of the communications.


The new Nesvita Cereal Drink is available in two flavours: original and goji berry. We therefore used the green tone of the original products to highlight the original flavour and create easy product recognition among consumers. For the goji berry variant, we used a pink tone, derived from the colour of the berry and also to represent their widely used properties in beauty products.

Each UHT pack highlighted the high fibre and vitamin C benefits of the drink, with a sheaf of cereal as the key image wrapped in a swirl of the cereal drink, clearly showing the product as a ready-to-drink product with added appetite appeal.

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