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Phi Phi Island Village

Beachside paradise


Phi Phi Island Village is a secluded resort on the world-renowned Phi Phi Island. The resort spans 70 acres of idyllic beachfront land, including tropical gardens, picturesque palm trees and half a mile of white sandy shores on the crystal clear Andaman Ocean. It’s the ideal getaway for Thais and international holidaymakers alike.


Open to the vastness of the sea and sky, the resort remains as beautiful as ever - but the time had come for the resort to refresh its brand and in order to do so, Brand Family briefed Brand New Day Asia to create a new brand identity, applications and guidelines. The challenge for Brand New Day Asia was to design an identity that remained true to the resorts personality, while bringing a modern, attractive and tranquil sense of identity.


Brand New Day Asia recreated Phi Phi Island Village’s brand identity using a relaxed hand-drawn script; white-out of a calming aqua blue background, representing the tranquil ocean waters and the overall ambience of the beachside paradise.

The unique design combination of a watercolour shoreline effect with photography and a set of illustrated icons from the island provided the resort with a flexible and light-hearted set of templates for all of its brand communications.

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Imaging
  • Illustration