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Simply delicious


Established in 1973 as a family business, S&P is one of Thailand’s most renowned restaurant and bakery chains. It is known for high quality food, frozen ready-to-eat meals, and bakery products. With a charismatic female leader at the helm from day one, the business now has over 100 domestic and overseas restaurants plus a network of over 200 bakery outlets.


S&P had a brand heritage that Thai consumers knew and loved, with consistently new offerings to keep up with market demands and competitors. However, this commitment to customers was not being represented by S&P’s identity. The identity looked tired and aged – and in need of a modern edge.


Through workshops, interviews and consumer research, we defined the core positioning of S&P… Simply Delicious. This was then filtered down into a number of key messages that fueled all S&P communications moving forward. Using the learnings from the research undertaken, Brand New Day updated and modernised the identity, while adding in new elements to keep it fresh in the eyes of the customer. New secondary colour palettes, a pattern-based visual system, an updated typographic style and a signage system were all created to ensure consistency as the new brand was launched across Thailand.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Packaging
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