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Sensorial harmony


Sense Tea Studio is devoted to selecting Asia’s finest tea leaves and ingredients, with a range of artisan blends that unite Asia’s cultures and traditions for today’s lifestyle.

It is a modern and highly innovative teahouse that invites everyone to become creative and immersed in their tea brewing. Tea lovers and new customers are able to choose their own tea blends, discover more about tea and indulge their tea passion.

Sense Tea Studio aims to build a future in which we live in harmony with nature and society, developing products that not only taste good, but have also been blended to positively influence mind, body and soul.


Even though Asia is the home of tea, it is coffee shops that dominate the market, with numerous brands opening multiple branches in a single location in Bangkok. Sense Tea Studio seeks to disrupt this trend and offer a new way for customers to enjoy a hot beverage that also enhances their life, with the natural therapy that tea drinking can bring. The Studios are envisioned to be a harmonious environment in which customers can participate, learn and love their fresh brews of fine Asian tea.


In creating a brand logo for Sense Tea Studio, Brand New Day Asia focused on the “S” of Sense, creating an identity that is sophisticated, modern and iconic, giving the customer the immediate sense of a quality brand that provides teas of the highest standards. Strong individual colour coding and whimsical illustrations created from tea leaves depict the time of day and benefits of the tea across an attractive range of consumer packaging.

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