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Brand clean up and refresh


SWASH produces and manufactures quality household cleaning products. Becoming a part of the German company Freudenberg in 2011, SWASH sought to increase its already promising presence in Asia, embodying its values of reliability, efficiency and attractiveness. Everything is designed to aid homeowners clean more effectively, by being thoughtfully developed to help users keep their homes sparkly clean.


In competitive Asian markets, household cleaning products need to be effective and cost efficient – something SWASH already excels in. The challenge presented to Brand New Day Asia was to create a refreshed brand identity and visual system for packaging that would help SWASH become top-of-mind for consumers.


Brand New Day Asia began the refresh of SWASH’s identity by doing a complete audit of all existing marketing materials and products to discover where improvements could be made. SWASH’s logo was given an overhaul, modernizing and making it stand out compared to its competitors; the previous blue gradient background was replaced with a solid blue background and the lettering was re-crafted to have more emboldened visual impact.

To increase shelf visibility and raise consumer perception, the packing was also given a new look. For products that could be shown inside the packet, new packaging with transparent windows was designed. Where a window wasn’t suitable, professional looking product images were added which clearly showed their purpose and use. Icons were added to highlight product benefits and selling points.

For the Chinese market, Brand New Day Asia also developed a logo in Chinese, featuring “SWASH” in English in a smaller typeface above.

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