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Tesco Lotus

Re-igniting a retail giant


With over 700 stores across Thailand and employing more than 45,000 people, Tesco Lotus is a major player in Thai modern trade and is an affiliate of UK-based Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers.


This retail giant faced a transcendental problem – its UK brand promise, ‘Every Little Helps’, had little significance to the local culture. Without a clear strategy and positioning, there was no guiding ‘big idea’ that lay at the heart of the brand. The problem became compounded – with such a large network of stores across the country, the brand had no clearly-defined set of standards that could create a consistent identity, and therefore was unable to create a unified presence for the brand.


We led a comprehensive team of Tesco Lotus departments, communication agencies and interior specialists to define a new Brand Story™ and positioning… ‘Rau Sai Jai Khun’, loosely translated to mean ‘We put our heart in it for you’ – a message that proved to evoke more emotion with the Thai audience than ‘Every little helps’ did. This positioning extended across the three key pillars of its business – the customers, the community, and its staff. Brand New Day delivered the new brand identity across three pilot stores in the three key formats – Express, Talad (Thai for ‘Market’), and Hypermarket. These pilot stores became the models for the rest of the stores in the country, creating a strong visual presence in a competitive market for Tesco Lotus.

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