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Founded in 1960, Thai Airways International (THAI) is the national airline of the Kingdom of Thailand. The brand consistently ranks among the top three airlines in Asia and top five in the world. In 2005, Brand New Day Managing Director, Patrick Ashe, was instrumental in overseeing THAI’s rebranding while working at Interbrand (Singapore).


The existing Thai Airways brand guidelines documented all that was necessary in the alignment of the Airlines’ identity, but they were extremely lengthy. THAI requested for them to be shortened to a more manageable and user-friendly format, with all the necessary information summarised into an easy-to-understand visual snapshot. This summarised version of the guidelines was created for anyone needing to know the basics of the brand and its identity, but also for staff and station managers abroad to familiarise themselves with the strategy behind the refreshed brand, and to understand the basic principles of its application.


Brand New Day produced The Thai Touch Brand Book. With an idea based on a THAI flight ticket and wallet, we condensed the brand guidelines into a short and easy to digest format. Working closely with THAI’s Creative Services Division, we were able to define what to keep, what to condense, and what to eliminate. The resulting guidelines were cost effective to produce, simple, clear, concise and able to be understood by all.

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