TMB Annual Report Design Banner

TMB Bank

Empowering customers


Brand New Day’s existing relationship with TMB extended into 2016 when we were once again given the opportunity to design the layout for their 2016 Financial Report, with the goal for TMB to inspire people to Make THE Difference as they readied themselves for Digital Transformation.


In preparation for Digital Transformation, TMB tasked Brand New Day Asia to design the big idea for their 2016 Financial Report. The key messages that were to be portrayed throughout the report were that TMB: empowered customers, allowed organizations to transform into the best workplaces for employees and created engagement to increase values for society, while ensuring sustainability.


The concept created by the team at Brand New Day Asia focused around these exact targets. The sense that TMB empowered customers was a main theme, with inspiring images portraying the positive outlook of the bank reflecting on 2016. With a clear-set Vision and Mission, the report along with its 2016 financials provided a transparent look into the progress and future of TMB.

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