Transforming the future of financial services


Assembly Payments and Currency Fair, two established fintech businesses headquartered out of Ireland and Australia respectively, were recently part of a merger spearheaded by Standard Chartered’s SC Ventures in Singapore. The merger brought the best of both businesses together, with Assembly Payment’s expertise as a fintech for payment solutions, and Currency Fair’s strength in international payments processing.


With the merger came the need for a differentiated brand positioning, name and brand identity that could stand out amongst competitors, highlighting the brand’s key differences, while maintaining the equity found in the strengths of each business. A series of internal workshops between teams were held, with Brand New Day brought in to create the new brand’s positioning, tone of voice, name, and visual identity system.


The short and memorable name ‘Zai’ came into fruition with a design twist on the infinity symbol, to show the limitless opportunities made available globally when transacting with Zai. The colours used are a departure from the typical blues found in fintech, to showcase Zai’s new and standout properties. A comprehensive visual identity system and brand guidelines were developed to ensure a successful relaunch across all digital channels.

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