Zodia Custody Brand Identity Banner


Unlocking the future of institutional investing


Zodia is a digital asset custodian, providing high-end, innovative security for those invested in the cryptoasset market. In association with both Standard Chartered and Northern Trust, Zodia offers a well-established approach to its services, along with the agility of a fintech company.

This allows Zodia to provide institutional investors with crucial custodial services such as loss prevention, fraud prevention and proof of ownership - all key to investing and trading safely with cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies are often summed up as the most volatile of asset classes. In such a high risk/reward market, any service - in particular custodial - must provide its target audience with a truly genuine brand that speaks honestly and openly about the services it provides.

Zodia therefore required an extremely measured and consciously crafted strategy towards its branding in order to give its audience the confidence to consider their services.


Brand strategy played a fundamental role in creating a name and identity for Zodia, which would then be extended into their digital marketing, brand guidelines and communications overall. Brand New Day Asia sought to create a positioning that built on the foundations of trusted, well established financial institutions, while combining a modern edge of innovation and expertise.

The logo design was created to represent inter-connecting nodes within a blockchain. This was further supported by an animated super-graphic on the website.

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